Good Morning


Hello everyone, yes, my hiatus was a long one. Many many things have happened since I last posted, numerous kidney stone surgeries and a big move to Texas. We’ve been here in Texas for a year now and I think I’m finally getting settled in. Do I like it here? The jury is still out on that one. I do, however, like the weather. IT DOESN’T SNOW HERE at least it better not…everyone who knows me know how I hate that fluffy white crap. It was an excruciating move, as we hired what we thought was a reputable company to move our belongings and what a mess that was and a lot of our stuff didn’t even make the trip. We drove down in the car with our 3 Brat Terrorists, one of whom cried and whined the whole way down. We kept giving him benadryl (as suggested by the Vet) to calm him down, but that didn’t really work very well. Emma and Lilly did ok, but Frosty was a basket case, I think he needs therapy. Absolutely HATES being in a vehicle. After arriving down here we stayed in a camper for a couple months until we found a house, that was fun :-)…NOT!!  I love camping but not with 3 dogs. Got settled into the house and then “BAM” the kidney stones started and has been going strong ever since with only a month in between bouts. I was extremely nervous to have surgery down here since I was not familiar with any of the Doctors here, well I found a really good DR and the first time I had surgery, I was sent to a surgery center in a strip mall….WHAT?  I was shocked, scared and flabbergasted that this was where I was having surgery instead of a hospital. Have surgery, wake up and go next door for lunch…YIKES!!  All went well, and it seemed almost like a hospital, but they did do things a little differently than what I was previously accustomed to. Not really sure why they don’t do the surgeries in a regular hospital and have never asked, guess I’m afraid of the answer…lol

So last Friday I had emergency kidney stone surgery, a stent placed and was sent home. The next day my husband came down with a horrific cold, I thought “uh oh I know what that means” and sure enough a day later I came down with it too. We both went to the Dr yesterday and were told we both had a severe case of bronchitis….yippeeee!!   So we both got a bunch of drugs and hopefully they will start working soon. Coughing with a stent in is well how should I say this….THE PITS!!  All in all my frame of mind is really good, I just think they should put me on the surgery schedule each week, then I’ll have a standing spot…lol  I still have some stones in my right kidney that will eventually give me fits, unless when I go in to have this stent removed they can go and get them.  It just amazes me that with all the technology in the health field that they can’t figure out why we create these and try to find a way to avoid them. As stated in my author bio, I just have bad gene’s that causes them…and just have to live with it.  And you know….it could be a lot worse!

I’ll close for now, but I will be back posting on a regular basis again, stones or no stones…

Have a blessed day

JT  a/k/a “The portable quarry”





About Beyond The Stones

Good Morning,

I have just created my new blog “Beyond The Stones” so I thought I would elaborate a bit on the title of this blog. I seem to be a habitual kidney stone maker, not by choice but because that’s just what my body wants to do. Many people including myself compare kidney stones to child birth, with that being said, I think I have about 30 or so fictitious children. Thankfully in real life I only have a few….children that is. I’ve been through many many tests to find the cause of this problem, but no one can seem to come up with anything other than it’s in my gene’s….I’d say it’s time for a new pair. I will post periodically about this subject in the hopes that maybe someone else goes through the same thing and we can compare notes. This subject is NOT going to be the main focus of this blog.

I have many things in my life that I am passionate about and enjoy, and I try very hard not to let this condition dictate to me what I’m going to do. Although, having said that, sometimes it’s unavoidable, I never know when one is going to strike and how that particular one is going to make me feel. I almost always have to have surgery to remove them which usually changes my life for about a week afterwards.

This Blog will have many subjects, some of which will be, but not limited to….Fun, Facts, Food, Family and many many more, just depends on what I’m passionate about when I wake up that day.

So, Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your stay and find my blog interesting and fun. I am open to suggestions and subjects, so if you have something you’d like to read about that I’m not covering, just let me know.

I hope you all have a blessed day.


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